Monthly Archives: December 2015

End of year app updates

The past couple of months we released a few updates to our language applications to celebrate their 5 year anniversary.

We restructured the courses. We split all courses into 10 lessons instead of 5, we added labels for the useful phrases and we split the huge category “3000 Common Words” into different categories.

We also added the long awaited “writing” exercise mode to the word, verb and grammar exercises, which certainly improves the exercises on reproduction a lot.

We added a “learning mode” to the vocabulary, which makes studying the words in the vocabulary easier.

Since many of our users were asking for more image exercises, we also brought the number of images from 250 to 500.

We introduced Helena and Aito, her owl, who both will be making more appearances in the upcoming year.

And we redesigned the screens for tablets which historically were not looking as good as the smartphone designs and are pretty happy with the results.

screenshot_iPad_home screenshot_iPad_exercise_setup screenshot_iPad_exercise screenshot_iPad_result

We hope everyone is enjoying these updates and wish everyone a good end of 2015 and an even better 2016!

You can read more about our full course apps here.